MegaCorp is morally opposed to the consumption of meat and vegetable products. They will not allow themselves or their employees to eat a meal that was once living. Although animals may have been more intelligent and active than plants when they were alive, MegaCorp does not favor one organism over the other. Perhaps plants are more intelligent than animals, but MegaCorp is uncertain of this because they have not yet invented a device that would give the human race the ability to communicate with plants, although they are currently working on such a device. Regardless of their struggles, they have invented a device that allows its users to grow back severed flesh and appendages. This device is not yet sold in stores. MegaCorp’s cafeteria is the only location where the device available for use. MegaCorp’s cafeteria is not a typical cafeteria. Although it has dishes and silverware, there is no food on display. Instead, the cafeteria contains high-powered lasers that cut through human tissue and a few MegaRegen machines. MegaRegen are the devices that cause flesh and appendages to grow back. There are many different selections available for lunch in the cafeteria, but the equipment used to make all of the selections are the same. Employees pay $5.99 for a lunch that consists of their own flesh or a body part. The use of a MegaRegen machine is included in the price. And special MegaCorp microwaves are available to make human flesh edible and delicious. The cafeteria employs staff who have volunteered to serve themselves for lunch for employees who dislike the sensation of cutting pieces off their body, but this service is quite a bit more expensive than $5.99. MegaCorp believes it is permissible to eat the flesh of a human being rather than pieces of an animal or a plant because the cafeteria staff have given their approval through the use of language. In addition to a device that would allow the human race to communicate with plants, they are also working on a device for communicating with animals. Although some animals communicate with humans without using language, such as when dogs tell their owners that they are hungry or need to go wee-wee, there has never been a case of an animal who has told a human that they would like to be eaten. Until technology for communicating with animals becomes available or animals improve their communication skill, MegaCorp will continue to restrict their lunch selections to pieces of the employees’ own bodies or pieces of the cafeteria workers.

Upper Management devour their employees whole without their permission. They cannot help it. They have irresistible urges and this is what they have always done. They feel a little bad about it, but not much considering they are Upper Management and Upper Management is more important than those who lie below them on the food chain.

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